VIP Services

Eurodentaire VIP services


With more than a decade of international experience, Eurodentaire starts up a service exclusively dedicated to the international patientèle installed in Budapest in September 2016.

Our VIP services target an international clientele seeking modern and professional dentistry that provides exceptional conditions.

Eurodentaire offers an expert level of treatment and technicality as well as an ensemble of services adapted to the expectations of demanding costumers.

IWC & Savvy VIPs

Our “Savvy VIPs” services offer is addressed to our exclusive partner IWC : for the school term of 2016-2017, all IWC members and their family members benefit of the following services:

– International Environment

– English Speaking Dental Specialists

– English Documentation

– Full VIP Service & Taxi Transfers Free Workshops from Our Experts

– 10% Discount on Treatment…

… And an unique experience!