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Eurodentaire services

Eurodentaire is a French and European dental care platform which selects high-end clinics in Europe and manages the organisational side of the entirety of French-language treatments (including follow-ups).

Our expertise resides in helping, supervising and securing dental care in Europe in a humane and professional manner.

The services offered by Eurodentaire for the past 12 years aim at answering a need not satisfied on a national level. The law guarantees the right to proper access to dental care to all. However, many people have to give up on their treatments because of a lack of financial resources, of long waiting lists or of the absence of available expertise.


“Thanks to Eurodentaire, dental care becomes easy and accessible”


Eurodentaire is implanted in Hungary and in Budapest since 2007, which is the first destination of French citizens for their dental care. Since 2019, Eurodentaire also offers treatments in Spain (Roses) and in Romania (Bucharest). Thanks to its presence in these 3 hotspots of European dental tourism, Eurodentaire brings concrete answers to candidates for care and can offer tailored solutions to everyone (in terms of treatment, cost and services).

Today, Eurodentaire handles close to 30,000 cases and 3,000 care stays.

Dental tourism

As a pioneer in the reduction of dental care costs and the fight against renunciation of care, Eurodentaire provides reliable information on European clinics and helps and secures access to quality care. Our organisation grants dental care candidates access to high-end solutions in the best environment.

Medical mobility (also called dental tourism) is an important trend. More than ever, patients readily travel to another country to get treated. Even though Hungary remains the top destination in Europe for dental care, Spain and Romania emerge as alternatives. All these countries are members of the European Union and therefore the treatments are refunded according to the country of origin of the patient.

The CNSE (the French National Center for Foreign Care) checks dozens of thousands of healthcare files every year relative to care received abroad by French citizens and has stated that there is no healthcare quality issue in Europe. The standards are identical, healthcare providers themselves train and work abroad – all this pointing to the fact that healthcare now transcends boundaries. However, a lack of clarity and some fantasies still linger and stand as obstacles on the way to dental care. The “Europe of healthcare” is a reality which citizens can benefit from. This right to all is a unique chance to improve access to dental care on the European level when this access is difficult on the national level.

Trusting Eurodentaire

Acknowledged by the public and the media for its work, Eurodentaire goes beyond simple dental tourism and towers above other dentists or dentist’s surgery thanks to its dedicated approach based on 15 years of operating internationally. Eurodentaire offers reliable information and dental care quotes in order to provide the care candidate with a choice in terms of treatment and destination.

From start to finish, the personalised follow-up follows a “one-stop” policy: a Counsellor manages the cases in their entirety but also organises and plans the treatments, or prepares the stay or follow-ups.

When it comes to healthcare, nothing should be left to chance. Eurodentaire co-ordinates and supervises the entire dental care process of the patients tactfully, with discretion and professionalism.

The best dental care in Europe

Eurodentaire offers care in high-end dental clinics in Hungary, Romania and Spain. Seasoned dental surgeons deliver the care under the supervision of a French-leaded team. We guarantee the patient his full dental care plan will be carried out and not only guarantee him his rights but also his long-term satisfaction.

Foreign dental care does require a full management of the case, both from the medical and the travel assistance standpoints. This in turn requires the adequate personnel and highly-qualified dentists in dental clinics but also a direct access to high-end equipment, a specific environment and procedures made for international purposes as well as an actual follow-up in the long-term.

A string of collaborators and reliable processes enables Eurodentaire to secure dental care in Europe. Eurodentaire is a comforting and ethical operator and a warrant of the first ever cross-border care convention.

We guarantee high-quality care carried out by specialised dental surgeons under the supervision of their peers, with visible and lasting results. This high-quality care is priced fairly by dental care professionals abiding by the latest guidelines of the field: transparent clinical data and scans, traceability of materials, timestamp on compliant surgery reports, conformity with applicable rules and regulations, specialised dentists, concierge service and assistance… Everything combined, in French, to deliver high-end dental care and a successful experience.

Eurodentaire, discover the best of Europe!