Prices and warranties


Optimum quality-cost ratio, comprehensive warranties and rigorous follow-up

Offering affordable rates only makes sense if dental care is of a high-end quality, if real transparency is in place and if there are actual refunds.

Eurodentaire offers consistent and high-quality care up to 60% cheaper all the while maintaining a maximum level of quality.

The patient enjoys total transparency regarding the treatments thanks to a clear and exhaustive dental case file. Eurodentaire not only ensures the dental care is properly carried out but also that treatment and post-operational follow-up is safe for maximum and durable patient satisfaction.

All this can only be attained thanks to proper documentation of the treatments and timestamps on surgery reports, all of which are kept together in a compliant and accessible dental file. The resulting quality is demonstrated by the certificates for implants or prostheses and the description of the procedures carried out, all of which are systematically checked before moving on to the next step. An example in rigor and transparency at the service of exceptional results at the best possible rates.