Former patients


Eurodentaire’s best asset? Its patients…

When it comes to the quality of the services offered by Eurodentaire and the care received, all patients speak with one voice. Studies were carried out and the results, as well as the feedback from patients, speak for themselves.

Eurodentaire sets up and guarantees a full quality policy. On a practical level, what happens is the patient will fill out a survey after each treatment in order to express how satisfied he is and what comments he may have. This in turn feeds into our continual improvement policy.

Eurodentaire also carried out in 2015 a national survey among hundreds of former patients in Hungary, several years after the end of their treatment, in order to assess the level of satisfaction in the long run. The results are unequivocal and higher than even the satisfaction levels for dentists in France: 96% felt they were satisfied or very satisfied with their dentist in Hungary (see results in French)!

Finally, the feedback from patients and our network of former patients are a testimony to the quality of our work and the success of Eurodentaire since 2007.