Clinics and care

Full quality treatments in the best European clinics

In order to ensure that your care and your treatment are successful, Eurodentaire relies on a panel of high-end clinics and severe guidelines. Our ambition is to use our expertise to become a European reference for dental care.

Eurodentaire is a trustworthy third-party and mediator which patients can turn to if they wish to receive best practice treatment at an affordable price. Eurodentaire selects the best clinics in Europe and drives prestigious establishments wishing to welcome and provide care to demanding international patients.

For example, the Hungarian clinic has been voted best dental clinic in Hungary at the Dental Awards in 2016, a title it still holds.

The medical teams and specialised surgeons all work in the same place with all the necessary equipment for their craft so that their respective areas of expertise can be made available to the patients.

Transparent, ethical, Eurodentaire helps, organises and follows the patients by offering them the beast treatment conditions, rates and services.

Certified dental clinic and laboratory for the best solutions

Eurodentaire offers dental specialties tailored to each case and helps everyone find what suits them best, in the best dental clinic. Prostheses are made locally by referent laboratories.

All care is available and made accessible in compliance with the latest applicable regulations, whether it is everyday care, implantology (immediate or scheduled care, all-on-four, robotics), prosthetics (crowns, bridges, fixed and removable prostheses) or aesthetic treatments (non-metallic crowns, sides, Emax). Several therapeutic alternatives are clearly defined and explained to the patient so that the best solution can be identified.

The fact that the laboratories selected for prosthetic services are certified is an additional guarantee of quality. The patient may meet with the prosthetics specialist in the prostheses manufacturing laboratory in order to get the highest level of precision and the desired aesthetics.